Session 2

  1. Listen to the 10 Minute Summary Intention
  2. Click Here to Print Guided Exercises
  3. Listen to Releasing Karmic Debts Guided Audio Part 1
  4. Follow Guided Action Audio Exercises With Part 2
  5. Take all printed sheets filled out and place in the fire on the day of the full moon with a ritual of release.

5 Steps to Do a Ritual of Release During the Full Moon

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1. Create a sacred space with meditational music.

2. Have your papers of release completely filled out.

3. Allow a sacred space to surrender the papers of release and place in fireplace.

4. Announce the words out loud with full intention… I Relinquish! Be Gone!

5. Sit in stillness for 11 minutes and let the releasing power of the ritual fill you.

Summary Intention for Releasing Karmic Debts

by Anne Ribley | 14 MInutes

Releasing Karmic Debts Guided Action Audio Part Two

by Anne Ribley | 37 Minutes

Healing & Transforming Enhancements

Archived Empower11 Radio Show

Hosted by Jack Voorheis & Anne Ribley

Show summaries: Debts can have a devastating damaging toll on your life. Debts show up karmically, emotionally, financially, energetically and spiritually. They rob us of living our authentic life of freedom and peace.  Energy debts on any level take away our ownership of the now and leads to loss in so many areas including with the self and purpose.

Freedom in Forgiveness

by Anne Ribley | Healing Forgiveness Meditation

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