Session 1

WHAT TO DO FIRST: Your Stamina Plan Starts With Where You Are Today!

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  1. Listen to the Summary Intention
  2. Click Here Print Guided Action Exercise
  3. Follow Guided Action Audio Journey
  4. Reflect Deeper on Current Top of Mind Inventory
  5. Identify Current Pressing Need & Name it
  6. Support Your Journey with Bonus Enhancements

Summary Intention for Top 10 State of Mind Inventory

by Anne Ribley | 6 MInutes

Complete Session One

Create a powerful meditational moment for yourself with water.

Experience an energy shift. Water is such a powerful conduit of energy. It’s one of the things we need most for survival! Embrace the element of water for facilitating an instant shift with anything you need!

  1. Find a moment today and get a glass of water.
  2. Cup your hands around the glass and close your eyes for a few moments.
  3. Create an intention of energy and healing that you want to infuse into all of your cells and consciousness as you drink the water.
  4. Let yourself resonate with your intention and the water, simply drink it all at once.
  5. Repeat the intention within you as you drink the water.

This simple intentional action can help with healing, boost congruent law of attraction,
and increase body and life vitality.

It’s a quick way to create a powerful shift within a few minutes!

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